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How to hire a Crane Company to move Your Hot Tub to Your Dream Spot

Mountain side Crane Hot tub DeliveryDecember 16, 2014

A crane delivery lifts your hot tub in hard to reach places. The hot tube location that you’ve always dreamed about – maybe a third-floor deck or your roof –  this may seem out of reach, but think out of the box: a crane service could be the solution. Mountain Side Cranes has coordinated hundreds of crane deliveries and works with skilled professionals who provide all the services you could ever need.

Here’s your part:

1. Give details to the dispatcher. The crane company’s will require information about the site, either with a visit or a phone call with you or someone who knows a little more about the situation such as your building contractor. They will follow up with details such as land use, closing a street, or moving cars out of the way. Electrical wires overhead could possibly pose a problem as well. Be sure to inform the dispatcher the location of the wires on the street and inside your home in relation to the location of the new hot tub.

2. You must be present. You or your representative must remain at the home until the hot tube is properly installed. The crane company will inform you of the time of the delivery. Your schedule must be flexible on the day of the delivery because there are many things that factor into when the company can make it. The crane company schedules the installation, but can’t guarantee they will be at your home at the exact quoted time